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Fake Google Logos, Google Logo Images, Google Logo Pictures by Google Fans, Google Logo Design Awards

Google Logo Pictures, Google Logo Art by Google and Third Parties. Google logo image collection, fake and original Google logos with Google logo award. Send us your own or any other Google logo, we feature is here and award the best.

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Google and their Google logo plus: Google encouraged fake, fabricated Google logo creations.

Most big brand owners protect their brands in very traditional ways. Google is no different. As a very fundamental promotion differentiation though Google would allow and practice themselves rather creative approaches to their existing brand.

As a result Google and Google fans as well as folks who do not favor Google too much reflect their attitude and message within re-creations of Google logos in many ways. We would like to satisfy your need to obtain a general overview of Google logo creations with this web site. Enjoy and recommend Logoogle.com to your friend if you like it, just send them the link, thanks!

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The 2004 Logooward winner

Here it is, our very first annual Logooward winner. In a confidential, secretive, almost spy-like draw the jurors have decided who provided the very best of the very best Google fake logos last year.

Congratulations once again to Jenny Hinrichsen who won a couple of Logoowards in 2004 with her great and funny Google logo creations. This time the jury chose one of her logos that did not win a monthly competition because the August 2004 draw was so close to call.

Jens Thieme, founder and chairman of Logoogle.com: "Shroogle Oger Search was one of the most inspiring fake Google logo creations last year. Jenny has greatly contributed to our logo collection. Most importantly though: she has inspired and encouraged many others in our Google logo community here at Logoogle.com. We hope to see much more of her great artistic talent and that all others remain competitive and keep enjoying this site."

Logoogle.com Google Logo Award Logooward 2004 Winner: Shroogle Oger Search

Jenny Hinrichsen
Shroogle Oger Search
:: http://www.google-it.net ::


If you want to contribute:

Last months Logooward winner

Congratulations to Kos Dalibor - winner of the January 2005 Logoogle.com Google Logo Award Logooward 01/05.

Logoogle.com Google Logo Award Winner January 2005: Google Moogle

Google Moogle
Dalibor Kos, Croatia
:: no URL ::

Congratulations to Johannes Schubert - winner of the February 2005 Logoogle.com Google Logo Award Logooward 02/05.

Logoogle.com Google Logo Award Winner February 2005: Euro Google

by Johannes Schubert, 21 year-old,Berlin, Germany
::URL not available ::


Congratulations to Brian Watson - winner of the March 2005 Logoogle.com Google Logo Award Logooward 03/05.

Logoogle.com Google Logo Award Winner March 2005: Google Red Sox

Google Red Sox
by Brian Watson
:: http://bwats2.blogspot.com ::


Congratulations to Henry Young - winner of the April 2005 Logoogle.com Google Logo Award Logooward 04/05.

Logoogle.com Google Logo Award Winner April 2005: Gootendo

by Henry Young
:: URL Unknown::


Congratulations to Harris - winner of the May 2005 Logoogle.com Google Logo Award Logooward 04/05.

Logoogle.com Google Logo Award Winner May 2005: Pimple

by Harris
::http://www.dolbydesigns.com ::

Nominees for next month's draw

So, who is running next month? We have started to accept nominations for next month's Logooward Google Logo Design Award. Check out the ever growing list of Logooward Google Logo Design Award nominees here.

Logooward: The Google logo award program.

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Fake Google Logos, Google Logo Images, Google Logo Pictures by Google Fans, Google Logo Design Awards

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PS: All self-made Google Logo Creation's copyrights are owned and executed by the fake Google Logo creators. Original Google Logos and Google Brands are owned by Google and are protected with these Google Logo and Google Brand Copyright Guidelines.

Google - A description by Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Google's main page Google is the most popular search engine on the World Wide Web. Through its website and client websites, such as AOL, Google receives roughly 200 million search requests per day. Google has its headquarters (called the "Googleplex") in Mountain View, California, USA.

In addition to web pages, Google also provides services for searching images, Usenet newsgroups, news sites, and items for sale online. As of June 2004, Google contained 4.28 billion web pages, 880 million images and 845 million Usenet messages in its index; a total of 6 billion items. It also caches much of the content that it indexes.

The verb "to google" is sometimes used generically to mean "to search the web", although Google itself frowns on this usage as it might lead to their name becoming a genericized trademark.

More Google Information: Google Links - Official Google Resources, Third Party Sites

Logo - A description by Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

"Logo turned up in English in 1937, probably a shortening of logogram, meaning a "sign or character representing a word" (1820), derived from Greek logos "word" + gram "what is written." A logogram is a single written character (a glyph) which represents a complete grammatical word or morpheme.

The term logo has several meanings:

Used synonymously with the word logotype (q.v.), it is a visual device that graphically defines a (usually corporate) identity, incorporating an emblem or symbol, a name, acronym or part of a name often in a unique font, or both, protected by copyright. See under logotype. See also trademark..."